Gains and … gains

Catching up from a week at home…

My brother had his first child over the summer. I’m an uncle now–it’s amazing to see that little boy wiggle around, stare at the ceiling like it’s the greatest thing ever, and watch him take a bottle. Raising a child, especially in this world now, is a signal achievement. I know my brother can do it. He’ll have days where the task, the job, looks hard. All he needs to do is ask his mom, my mom, how she did it. She, and the army of family, will help him through.

A smaller gain, personally… My work schedule has changed, and I’m working one less hour a day, from nine to eight. One hour a day–it could make a huge difference for me as I try to reach escape velocity to another work orbit. How can I spend this unexpected dividend? More play, more work, more sleep? A combo of all three? I have to spend it wisely, so it’ll be spent toward rocketing to another orbit.

One upshot to this next regime: for the first time in five years, I can wake up at 7 for work, instead of 6. It’s a big deal to grab that extra rest, and not feel like I have to rush out the door every morning.


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