The happy ending

I just ended a ‘friendship’ today. The quotes are present because it was one of those things after a failed relationship where one side tries to hang on. I didn’t want to hang on, tried at her insistence, but finally pulled the plug. I’m ashamed and a little scared…because I’m so ecstatic about it being over. To the point of euphoria. I’ve never been happier about being away from a woman. Whatever this was, it was edging toward toxicity. I’ve been down that road–not doing that again. Contrast with a woman I just recently dated: it didn’t work out, but we want to keep the lines open, and if it doesn’t work, we’ll walk away. She mentioned something about life’s lessons taking time. I read that, and shed tears. My god, she’s an adult; I love this woman. Funny…

The lesson here is…there’s a certain liberation in saying no.


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