Inside the running mind of chehaw

The Saturday of the 5K, I jotted some prerace notes down, I guess in a way to burn some energy…

(No, there are no caps–sue me… 😉

i’ve never been a great starter; a little worried about this 5k and starting; like my dad said, pace myself (I started out OK, no great shakes.; though I did completely run the first mile)

don’t worry about competing with anybody, even yourself. just run. (The thought experiment…I thought of a line from a Living Colour song: No expectations, just living free)
a sense of relief that is over (I nearly cried after hitting the finish line)
all of this started because of a woman i’m no longer speaking to; should i let her know i ran it? maybe 😉 (Haven’t let her know…yet)
i think i want a steak after this is done (Great burger and fries and beer; well earner, I’d say)
this is not the craziest thing i’ve done, just the most tortuous (My body felt ok afterward; my knees, pretty damn good; the craziest thing I’ve done wasn’t in this country)
this is so funny, what i’m about to do (There was something slightly absurd about me running; it ran counter to me being an international man of leisure)
i need to wear my mala beads–need all the help i can get (Forgot them, though I did ok)

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