Peopled out

This past weekend I was down on the Jersey Shore, spending the time with friends and friends of their friends. This would be a bad, bad day for an introvert–lots of people around, few chances to escape and recharge. But here’s the thing: we do like people, and if there’s a good time to be had, we can and are there. And this introvert had a great time. Good fun, good drink and great people to be around. And great weather didn’t hurt, either. If there was a downside, I gave out at 9:30 on a Saturday night, which I never do. I was peopled out, but the buzz from the day and the people made the early bed time easier to take.


One thought on “Peopled out

  1. Sounded like a lot of fun. A lot of people misunderstand that we NEVER want to be around people. We do! And we will use all of our people energy to enjoy ourselves as long as we are sure that there will be time for us rechage that energy later lol

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