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I read two stories of note about sex just recently that caught my interest. One was in a great site called Lonerwolf advocating legalizing prostitution (medical prostitution, they call it). I’m generally not opposed to it, but the act, and the transaction, has to involve two consenting adults. I’ve got no interest in coercing someone to do something they don’t want to do. If I had a bone to pick, it was the author’s contention that men only have sex to have sex. Nothing wrong with that, but some of us do want to connect with someone as many levels as possible, and sex is one of those levels.

The other is on a French author who chose to be celibate for 12 years. That notion to willingly not have sex for years is a notion that I think scares people. sex is great–why would you not have it? So much of our society revolves around sex, whether we acknowledge it or not, and many of the problems we encounter revolve around sex. We attach so much meaning and expectation to sex, to ourselves and to our partners, that we shouldn’t be surprised that we end up disappointed and hurt before, during and after. How can we be comfortable with ourselves and comfortable with our partners, and comfortable with sex? In our search for the best sex we’ve ever had, what are we losing in our quest for the best sex ever? Do we mock the mock the French author because we fail to imagine a life without great sex? Is our collective failure of imagination letting us down?


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