Three words to call this…

Hell. Fucking. Yes.

I want to print this, pin it to my chest and say, read this and understand me. Being black and male and an introvert is no walk in the park. When he writes…

We’re generally assumed to be uninhibited, gregarious, and sociable—at least more uninhibited, gregarious, and sociable than most other types of people. Basically, we’re expected to be natural extroverts, and this expectation has a tendency to make people uneasy when we’re not. 

I can’t second this enough. Many of my abortive relationships end, I theorize, because I don’t meet the stereotype of “what a black male should be.” If I’m casting aspersions here, I don’t care–screw the damn type and the two-dimensional portrayals.

I have to be me.

On Successfully Navigating Life As A Black Male Introvert | Very Smart Brothas.


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