Enjoying the silence

As any red-blooded American, I should be watching the football game on tonight. But no, and it’s not because of the teams playing. I just don’t want to hear anything, at least for an hour or so. I want to hear, as they say in the business I’m in now, nat sound. Forget the clattering of my keyboard–what do I hear now? The fridge humming in the kitchen. The car passing on the street below. The cars zooming by on the highway nearby. That low buzz/hum that emanates from a city at night. And now, the church bell is tolling on the hour.
Not quite silence, but close enough.
There’s a tendency to use noise to cover what we don’t want to hear. So, without a game on or music playing, what do I hear? A small measure of peace.
(Of course, all this brings to mind Depeche Mode…)


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