Winter’s rest

I’m alone this Christmas, and I’m happy about that. No, really I am. I could try a dash home and back, but that involves a 700-mile round trip in 24 hours; I’m not that crazy. And I have to work Thursday. 
This is not to say that I won’t miss my family; of course I will. There will be phone calls FaceTime chats and text messages. But I won’t miss the stress of the drive there, then the dash to see as much family as I can, then the swallowing of the food, then the drive back. That I will not shed a tear over. 
Yet… the feeling I feel is light, dare I say, almost magical. There is no weight on me, having to worry about the six-hour drive, or the weight of family issues that inevitably creep in. Instead, there is a lightness  of my soul that feels amazing. I can’t help but smile, and be happy. It feels like, there’s a soul at rest. At peace.

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