Let’s be real


Finding the precious

My energy I treat as preciously as I can. It lets me do all manner of things, in a way that (hopefully) is good. I want my life to be drawn to people, places, things and experiences that are energy-enhancing and nourishing. If I’m selective about it, that’s fine. Think of it as a buffet (since I’m eating breakfast now)–pick what’s interesting, what stands out, and explore it and see what it’s about. Find the precious energy you have with the joys that are found in life.

Blowing my horn

Last night I went to the Village Vanguard for some jazz, and saw a mesmerizing performance by trumpeter Roy Hargrove. I haven’t seen as much jazz as I’ve wanted to lately, and I’m kicking myself for it for one reason. There’s a intimacy to watching and listening to jazz that is unmatched for the listeners and participants. To watch the band feed off and riff off each other never gets old.

I was sitting in the room and thinking that this is what I want: the intimacy of the experience, the connection, the depth. What was true a few years ago remains so–shallow experiences are dull to me. I want and have to seek rich experiences to be fulfilled. Those experiences don’t have to be–shouldn’t be–daily occurrences. They may not be spontaneous. But they should be special.